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“IIHS Global Multiversity” Launch

IIHS launched “IIHS Global Multiversity” at the Graduation Ceremony inaugurated by Dr. Amal Harsha De Silva Deputy Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health Founder Secretary – Private

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E incubator Launch

E incubator the digital arm of IIHS Global Multiversity was launched at the 2019 Research ForumBioInquire ‘16

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University of Aberdeen Visit 2019

University of Aberdeen Visit and GMC audit January 2020. University of Aberdeen proudly Launches the Sri Lankan Medical Pathway program in collaboration with the International Institute of Health Science

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16th BioInquirer

16th BioInquirer   – ‘Seeding Innovation in Education and Healthcare’ International Institute of Health Sciences, Sri Lanka will be organizing its 16th BioInquirer – Annual Academic Sessions on 30th November,

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Graduation ceremony 2019

A pioneering Sri Lankan education institute with 19 years in the field, the International Institute of Health Science (IIHS) recently saw a number of students graduate with diplomas and

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